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Naughty Fort Style Too Much The Same, How To Change Can Be More Attractive? Dec 18, 2017

Naughty fort style too much the same, how to change can be more attractive?

  People rely on clothing horse saddle, children's playground interior decoration layout is an important factor in the park's popularity, the principle is only one: what children like what to install.


  First of all, your children's playground needs a theme: your paradise theme you call the shots, the naughty treasurer on the market tone is nothing more than the mysterious forest series, the dreamy ocean series, colorful candy series, Happy Castle series and outer space and so on. Even if each design is not the same, but the style of the same inevitably gives the feeling of fatigue. Changes in the market are rapidly changing, the children are hi new tired of the old, can not lead can not break OUT, immutable can only be eliminated by the market.


  In addition to the above several mainstream theme style, you can combine the children's favorite elements to create a unique style. For example, the amusement park is made into the theme of Andersen's fairy tales and the fairy tales of the sea are fused with the elements in the classic fairy tales like the daughter of the sea, the girl with a thumb, the soldier with a tin, and the Snow Queen. Not only interior decoration closely linked to the theme, the music is also the music in the fairy tale, the lights have to create a fairy tale story atmosphere. Gives a refreshing feeling.


  In addition, there are themes of fairy tales, such as the theme of Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland theme, pinocchio theme, etc., can make your children's paradise unusual popularity!


  Some classic cartoon characters, classic movies, big hot games can become your paradise theme, such as HELLO KITTY, Little Yellow Man, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, ET Aliens, World of Warcraft, my world. These different styles of hot topics, will make your children's playground bombing the market, as the industry's popular king!


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